Deep Fat Fryer 20L

The MFEX24-20 Deep fat fryer is manufactured to comply with the Consolidated edition 2009 of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), chapter II-2, regulation 10, paragraph 6.4.
The model includes an electric deep fryer and a fire extinguishing system, integrated by a stainless steel casing with an exhaust hood and exhaust blower, tested following ISO standard 15371:2009.
MFEX applies a wet chemical extinguishing system. The chemical cylinder and control assembly are accommodated in the right side of the lower casing.
MFEX can be installed under a standard cooking exhaust hood, or directly connected to cooking main ventilation duct.

High power density, quick temperature recovery for desired frying quality
Submerged heating brings optimal energy transfer
With deep cold-oil zone, improves frying quality, brings extended shortening life
SUS304 stainless steel internal and external
Protection grade IP44
Complying with SOLAS and ISO15731 test standard
Automatic and manual release
An environment-friendly extinguishing agent with long preservation life
Unique external-power cut-off design and external-powered remote alarm panel enhance electrical safety when in fire