Efficient Dosing System

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Product description

Efficient Dosing System automatically adjusts the quantity of detergent to the real load of your Electrolux Professional washer extractor. The real load is measured at the beginning of the program thanks to Electrolux Professional either Automatic Saving System or Integrated Weighing System of the washer extractor. Once the weight is measured, the water and detergent levels are adjusted at each program step to deliver the best wash result in a sustainable way

Features and benefits

• Compatible with Electrolux Professional washer extractors equipped with Compass Control® , Compass Pro® or Clarus Control® *
• Knows the selected program directly from the washer extractors control panel, operator has to choose the program in one location only which makes it easier and reduces the risk of wrong detergent formula selection
• Variable temperature and time process validation to fulfill different hygiene regulation in different countries
• Integrated USB port to collect statistics and monitor easily the savings
• PC software to prepare the formulas an upload in the controller via a USB memory for an easy installation
• 350 ml squeeze tube for a fast dosing of detergent
• Made on measure for Electrolux Professional Compass Control® , Compass Pro® and Clarus Control® all connections delivered with the apparel for an easy and quick installation
• Available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pumps version to match any kind of application

Main options with other separate PNCs’

• 500 ml squeeze tubes for a fast dosing on bigger washer extractors
• Flush manifold for a long distance (above 10 m) pump installation from the washer extractors
• Standalone power cable for controller that work for ED controller temperature validation process without pumps