Steam Iron

Steam iron with 2400 W for quick heat-up and powerful performance.
Continuous steam output of up to 40g/min gives you the perfect amount of steam to remove all creases efficiently.
The iron’s 150g steam boost enables you to remove even the most stubborn creases easily.
The soleplate has excellent scratch resistance, glides excellently and is easy to clean.
This steam iron can be operated with regular tap water, and the calc-clean slider makes it easy to remove any built-up scale from your iron.
The iron’s Drip-Stop system lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without having to worry about stains from water droplets.
This iron features a specially designed extra-large heel rest, which gives extra stability when it is put in a vertical position.
The iron shuts off automatically when left unattended. If it is left on its heel rest, it will switch off in 8 minutes. When left on the soleplate or the side, it only takes 30 seconds before the iron shuts off.

Fast and powerful performance
Quick heat up
Steam boost
Easy gliding on all fabrics
Safe ironing
Calc-clean slider
Drip-stop system
Robust heel rest
Safety auto-off