Espresso Coffee Machine, One Group

This sophisticated 1-group Espresso machine of professional style is constructed in stainless steel with the brew group made of brass. It is equipped with a pressured filter holder to obtain espresso coffee with the typical cream. The ergonomic commercial portafilter together with the chrome-plated group cover enhance the professional image of the machine. The machine is provided with a high capacity brass boiler, electromagnetic pump and has no firm water connection. Electric heating element immersed in the boiler heats the water and provides the steam. Steam and water tap allows steam to be delivered to give the indispensable “froth” to the milk used for preparing cappuccino, for heating water and preparing hot drinks, tea and etc. The machine is provided with a drip tray grid designed to make cleaning as simple as possible.

Stainless Steel Body
Brass Boiler
1 Brewing Group for Ground Coffee
Optional Kit for Coffee Pods/Capsules
Filter for Mixed Use
Incorporated Water Tank
Hot Water