Espresso Machine 2 Groups

The espresso coffee machine is an appliance for delivering steam/hot water for the professional preparation of coffee or for obtaining water and/or steam.
This two group espresso machine with automatic waterfilling, build in water pump and electronic cup dosing has microprocessor controlled electronic measured dosage and digital programming from the push-button pad.
The machine is delivered with a Turbo Creme Milk frothing nozzle and descaling filter. All long lasting, non-toxic components are easily accessible for proper cleaning and maintenance. The brewing group brews and delivers the beverages when supplied with hot water.
The heat exchangers, one for each group, are immersed in the water and are used for fast heating of the fresh water from the network to the optimal temperature and to prevent thermal imbalances within the system.
The espresso machine is provided with an electric heating element immersed in the boiler, which heat the water and provide the steam.
Electric pump raise the pressure of the network to a pressure of 9 bars which is ideal for making the best coffee.
Steam tap gives the indispensable “froth” to the milk used for preparing cappuccino.
Water tap delivers water for preparing hot drinks, tea and tisanes.
The water used for production of coffee is supplied directly from the water net, through the heat exchangers inside the boiler.
The machine is fitted with a two-position power switch and connected to the power supply network by means of the 1.5 m long electric cord.

Body in steel and polished die-cast aluminium
Integrated cup warmer
Automatic water filling
Built-in water pump
Electronic cup dosing
Milk system
2 groups