Flatwork Ironer 1000mm

This heated flatwork ironer is efficient and made to perform with excellent ironing results. It is made for heavy-use and is easy to operate. The ironing pressure is electronically controlled and has customized programs for every type of fabric.
For a flawless ironing result the torsion bar assures uniform chest pressure all along the roller length and the roller speed is automatically adjusted depending on the ironing temperature.
The flatwork ironer is equipped with several safety features such as an emergency switch and an “Anti-Panic” bar at the front of the machine. When the bar is pressed with the knee it immediately releases the plate.
The introduction table is adjustable for the user to get a comfortable position.
Moving parts (plate & roller) are protected and out of hands reach thanks to the shape of fullsize cover.

Adjustable temperature and speed setting
Anti-panic safety bar
Finger guard protection
Positioning of feeding table
Pedal control
Space saving – return feed system
Touchscreen control panel
Easy to operate and maintain