Flatwork Ironer

These heated flatwork ironers are efficient and convenient machines which add the finishing touch to the laundry. They are designed for standing up to heavy-use. Both models are equipped with foot pedal control, which leaves hands free to take care of the laundry. The foot pedal has 3 operating positions: ironing, pressing and reversing. A manual tray release device separates the tray from the cylinder and makes possible to remove any garment in the machine in the event of power failure. Return feed system is standard on both models, which means, that they can be placed by a wall, saving valuable place. Features include an adjustable safety thermostat, finger guard protection extended to the full width of the roller as well as easy access to machinery for maintenance purposes. Type IB4 2314 is supplied with an exhaust.

● Space Saving – Return Feed System
● Finger Guard Protection
● Adjustable Temperature Setting
● Steel Wool Roller Cover
● Ergonomic Control Pedal
● Easy to Operate and Maintain