Freezer 470L

This full door freezer is constructed in 304 AISI stainless steel with an external bottom panel in an anti-corrosive material. A large digital display featuring humidity selection button (3 preset levels), cabinet temperature display and setting and turbo frost cycle (to rapidly cool warm loads). HACCP-compliant control with alarms and history. The freezer has a frost watch control to defrost only when required with automatic evaporation of defrost water.
Optimized airflow provides an even temperature distribution on all grids. Self-closing, on-site reversible door features microswitch to switch off the fan when the door is opened. Hidden evaporator to guarantee higher storage capacity and fewer corrosion problems. Built-in refrigeration unit; ventilated operation; Interior LED light. Fitted with 65 mm-thick polyurethane insulating foam. For ambient temperatures up to 43 °C. CFC and HCFC free. Supplied with n. 5×2/1GN Rilsan coated grids and n. 5 sets of 2 stainless steel grid runners. Prearranged to fit RS485 port t facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems. internal visibility.

Prearranged to fit RS485 port to facilitate connection to a remote computer and integrated HACCP systems.
Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked.
Self-closing and on-site reversible left/right doors.
Prearranged for remote alarm.
Low noise level.
AISI 304 runners with grids stopper for Marine installations.
Tropicalized unit (43°C ambient temperature).