Fry Dump 400 mm

The fry dump is made of stainless steel. The cook-top has raised edges on three sides to collect any spillage. The front panel has clear and easily accessible controls.
The heating element is positioned under the fry dump basin, and the unit can be fitted with a heat-keeping ramp with a direct radiating, infrared element for effective warming.
The sides of the fry dump are smooth and easy-to-clean.
The fry dump is connected to the mains supply at the rear. It can be positioned with the back directly against a fireproof bulkhead.
A stainless steel floor cabinet with doors and drawers is available as an optional extra. The cabinet is provided with adjustable legs and can be fitted with guide racks and grid shelves for Gastro-Norm 1/1.

Stainless steel
Thermostat controlled
Hygienic design
Good hot keeping