Infrared Food Warmer

This infrared food warmer keeps all food at the proper serving temperatures using Glo-Ray’s pre-focused heat patterns. This pattern prevents foods from being overcooked in the middle and cooling off around the edges by concentrating higher temperatures to the outer edges of holding surfaces where heat loss is the greatest.
The food warmer ensures maximum flavour and minimises the risk of food-borne illness. Foods do not dry out or become discoloured; even the most delicate dishes hold that “just prepared” look.
The housing of stainless steel is durable and eliminates the danger of sagging.
The food warmer is delivered factory-assembled, ready to install. It can be installed side by side to create a warming area of any length. A pair of marine brackets for installation is included in delivery.

Sturdy stainless steel housing
Pre-focused heat
Metal sheathed elements
Easy to install