Ice and Water Dispenser, Air-Cooled

Elegant automatic ice and water dispenser, with a compact design. Available either touch-free or button activated. Ideal for free-refill self-service concepts with up to 2400 glasses filled per day. With the capacity of dispensing ice for up to 200 customers in a queue at one time
Possible to set ice only or ice & water on-site and desired ice dosage (from 1 to 15 pcs or continuous). Fast and user-friendly cleaning mode. Full frontal visibility of settings and errors makes a preventative service check-up easy. A light lets the user know when the reservoir is temporarily empty.

Fully automatic
Freestanding on countertop or wall-hung
Available either touch-free or button activated
Large flow of ice in a small footprint
10kg bin capacity
Stylish aesthetics and comfort of use
Hygiene control
Designed for maximum energy and water-saving