Water Cooler

Refrigerated drinking water fountain with foot pedal activated projector and push-button activated glass-filler. The model delivers 50 liters per hour of 8°-12°C (46°-53°F) water (at 32°C-90°F ambient and 21°C-70°F inlet water temperatures).
Water thermostat positioned in the front of the unit for ease of reach.
The cabinet and base finish, as well as all interior metal parts, are made in Stainless Steel.
Easily removable front panel for routine maintenance & technical service access purposes. “Pierce Yourself” style incoming/outgoing utility passages and internal connection turrets allow for maximum installation flexibility.

High-efficiency water cooling tank and coil
Stainless Steel basin is designed to eliminate splashing and stagnant water
Waterways are lead-free
Operable on 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz
The cooling system uses R-134a refrigerant
Complies with ADA requirements when properly installed