Water Boiler 25L

WKI mains-connected water boiler makes constant hot water always available.
Modern design in durable stainless steel CRNI 18/9. Wall mounted water boiler with no-drip tap at the front and level gauge with litre index scale.
Featured with on-off switch with pilot lamp, semi-automatic adjustable filling valve, overflow- and dry boil-protection, adjustable thermostat and easy-to-read thermometer. An adjustable thermostat keeps water at a constant, pre-set temperature.
When the water is drawn off it will be refilled by pressing a filling switch at the front of the boiler.
A 1.5 m water hose and a sachet with descaling agent are included in delivery. The water boiler is provided with a 1.3 m cord with plug.

Stainless steel
Thermostat control
Safety cut-out
Non drip tap
Three sizes with different capacities