Medium Pre-Wash Module, Dual Rinse, Reversible

Main Features

• Multi-stage advanced filtering system removes soil from the pre-wash water providing cleaner water thus ensuring better washing performance.
• Manual process of pre-wash spraying replaced by automatic prewash module before the main wash section.
• Pre-wash section uses cold water so food remains are not “baked” onto the plates in order to have better pre-wash performance.
• Built-in drain valve in the tanks allows automatic dump and fill to refresh the water in the tank without any interruption of the washing process.
• IP25 protection against water jets, solid objects and small animals (larger than 6 mm).
• Large counter balanced inspection door allows unrestricted all-round access to the internal area. Door is insulated with injected foam. This adds strength as well as reduces noise and heat loss.
• Automatic drain, clean and sanitize cycles featured as standard. The internal chamber, including the internal door is completely cleaned or sanitized avoiding bacteria proliferation for maximum hygiene and reducing manual work/time for operator.
• The feeding direction can be either left to right or right to left as it’s reversible on site.
• Auto-start/stop ensures that the zone runs only when a rack is passing through it. This reduces both water, energy consumption and noise.
• Adjustable feet for full access underneath the machine for cleaning.
• The unit must be connected with dual rinse rack type dishwasher.