Dual Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher 200r/h, ESD, R-L

Combination includes
• 535127 – Dual Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher 150r/h R-L
• 535131 – Medium Pre-Wash Module, Dual Rinse, Reversible
• 865506 – Electronic Board Kit for Dual Rinse
• 865510 – ESD Kit for Dual Rinse
• 865498 – Splash hood Kit of 200 mm
• 865509 – Extended Pipe Kit for ESD, Dual Rinse
Rack type dishwasher with dual rinse technology that ensures rinse water covering every corner of the rack for perfect hygiene on washed wares. The unit features a stabilized pressure valve that guarantees a rinse water consumption of 1.2 litres/rack regardless of inlet water pressure.

The dishwasher is a made on modularity concept for easy to add pre-wash and dryer modules on-site. External pre-arrangement for inlet water, drain water, detergent & rinse aid connections for fast and easy installation on both sides of the unit. The feeding direction is right to left as pre-arrangement from the factory but is easily reversible on-site.

The model is designed for marine application as components is easily accessible from the front for service and maintenance without removing the machine.

The dishwasher has an automatic drain, clean and sanitize cycles as standard features. The internal chamber is thoroughly cleaned or sanitized avoiding bacteria proliferation for maximum hygiene and reducing manual work/time for the operator. An auto-start/stop in different zones ensures that the zone runs only when a rack is passing through it.

With the intuitive touch-screen control panel, the user can easily operate and monitor the machine status. And an automatic back-up mode is activated if a failure occurs with guided troubleshooting for fast fixes.

There are no internal pipes in the chamber, and a deep-drawn pressed wash tank with fully rounded corners, sloped towards the drain to prevent dirt buildup, provides fast drainage.

Low water consumption of only 1.2 l/rack
Easy to add pre-wash and dryer modules on-site
Components accessible from the front
Automatic back-up mode if a failure occurs
In compliance with USPH
All electric components are put in one IP65 central box, overall IP25
Reversible feeding direction (factory default is R-L)