Mini Combi Oven

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Product Description

Stainless steel oven cavity with rounded corners.
Self contained with built-in fresh water/condense container and requires no water or drain connections.
Delicate foods, such as fish, cook in the gentle heat of low temperature steam, retaining the full flavour and texture.
Reheat chilled food in low temperature steam, without it drying out and losing its ”freshness”.
Cooks vegetables in maximum steam, without loss of vitamins or flavour.
Fan assisted air circulation enables convection cooking at a lower temperature with even results over the three oven shelves.
Combining steam and convection heating produces a moist heat that reduces shrinkage whilst still browning meat.
Side hangers, removable without use of tools, suitable for 3×1/2GN.
Supplied with the following 1/2GN accessories: n.1 Aluminium Baking Plate, n.1 S/S Perforated Container, n.2 S/S Plain Containers and n.1 S/S Wire Grid.