Mini Combi Oven

Table top model. Capacity: 3 GN 1/2-040. 4 cooking functions. Dim. 350x530x465 mm.
The portable Plug & Cook combi oven is designed for professional use and brings the benefits of convection/steam cooking. This combi oven can be placed on a worktop and plugged into a single-phase electrical socket without any plumbing.
The oven is self-contained with built-in freshwater/condense tank and requires no water or drain connections. The water tank is enough for 1-hour use before refilling. The oven cavity of 30 liters has rounded corners and is made of stainless steel. Fan assisted air circulation enables convection cooking at a lower temperature with even results over the three oven shelves or containers size GN 1/2. The control panel is easy to understand all settings are done with four knobs.
Combi cooking is faster and at a lower temperature which means low energy consumption.
Cooking in the gentle heat of low-temperature steam retains the full flavor and texture of delicate foods. Reheating of chilled food in low-temperature steam preserves its “freshness” without it drying out. Cooking of vegetables in maximum steam preserves their vitamins and flavor. Combining steam and convection heating produces a moist heat that reduces shrinkage whilst still browning meat.
All main components are accessible from the front panel.
The oven is available with front and back dark blue and delivered with one of each: wire grid GN 1/2, baking plate GN 1/2, perforated and plain container GN 1/2, s/s container GN 1/2-065.
In order to increase the capability of the oven an external water tank for 5 hours use before refilling is recommendable. The complete tank kit is available as an optional extra.

Modern Design
Stainless Steel Oven Cavity With Rounded Corners
Front And Back In Dark Blue Plastic
4 Cooking Modes
Easy To Maintain