Refrigerator 400 L, Glass Door

This refrigerator is finished in top quality materials to aid durability. A digital control panel allowing easy and precise setting and control of the internal temperature. It is suitable for use in ambient temperatures of up to 32 °C and will run with very quiet operation.
The whole interior cell with rounded corners is white thermoformed polystyrene, which is impact resistant.
The shelf runners are thermoformed and are incorporated in the internal structure to be easy to clean.
The simple refrigeration system is easily accessible from the rear of the unit.
The refrigerator has a fan assisted cooling for an even temperature distribution. It is also equipped with a roll-bond plate that has a plate installed in the internal backside of the unit equipped with a special thermostat to avoid ice formation.

Finished in top quality materials.
Designed to be easy to clean.
Very quiet operation
CFC and HCFC free (ecological refrigerant type: R134a, – gas in foam: cyclopentane).
Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.