Spiral Dough Mixer 50L

The high quality results produced by the PSF50 spiral kneader and its versatility guarantee that it can satisfy the requirements of modern bakeries and pizzerias. Its technology and the quality of the materials used render it suitable for intensive use. The PSF50 is the ideal tool for kneading special doughs, bread, pastries and pizza.

50 litre capacity stainless steel bowl.
The drive of the PSF50’s bowl and the profile of its bottom allow a wide range of doughs to be kneaded in small quantities.
The position of the bowl in front of the machine makes the dough easier to remove once kneaded.
Stainless steel spiral cylindrical bar tool equipped with a system to prevent the dough from raising up.
Safety device which switches off the motor as soon as the cover is opened.
Two speed kneading motor.
Bottom of bowl is raised in the centre thus keeping the dough in the area where the tool is operating.
The control panel, with an ON/OFF switch, is positioned at the front.
IP55 protection.