Dough Sheeter

The Econom sheeters offer high output in a small package. Whether as a table-top model or base model with marine feet, the Econom sheeter is the ideal machine for galleys, restaurants as well as for small craft bakeries. The Econom sheeters can be used to sheet all dough types with great accuracy. The Econom’s modern design makes it almost effortless to use. All operating elements are arranged so as to be within easy reach and able to be operated without physical effort. The Econom is built to last and important components, such as the machine tables are made of stainless steel.

The ergonomic roller adjustment lever enables you to work tirelessly and with the minimum expenditure of effort. The end thickness stop makes easy setting of the desired product thickness. The doughs will always have a consistent end thickness and the products will always be the same size and weight. Econom sheeters use a special, tried and tested scraper system that reliably removes dough and flour residues. The scraper can be quickly removed for cleaning without the need for tools. Thanks to the hygienic design, with smooth surfaces, cleaning takes no time at all. The sheeters have an exceptionally small design and fit in any bakery, no matter how small. After use, simply fold up the working tables and push the sheeter out of the way, leaving your precious space free for other tasks. For further specifications of the different models, please see overleaf.

Rigid Contruction
Ergonomic Operation
With Safety Devices
Smooth Gliding
Raisable Working Tables
Two Table Top or One Floor Models
Space Saving
Easy to Maintain
Hygienic Design
Easy to Clean