Dough Divider Rounder, Semi Automatic, 30 div.

Quick and easy to use dough divider rounder, constructed according to the latest standards of bakery technology. It divides all common sorts of dough and forming optimally rounded pieces every time.

The piccolo dough divider rounder is easy to use, even by non-skilled workers. The prepared batch of dough, which has rested for about 10 – 15 minutes, is placed on the moulding plate and then inserted into the machine. By pressing the lever down, the dough is evenly pressed onto the moulding plate. Then, by pulling the dividing lever down, the dividing knife is activated, which divides the dough into small pieces of equal weight. Finally, the moulding, of the dough pieces, can be gently controlled with the moulding lever.

The piccolo requires low maintenance and is easy to clean. The upper covers are removable so that for cleaning, you have easy access to the rust-free light-metal dividing head. The removable stainless steel dividing knife also makes it easy to clean!

Handles up to 2,8kg dough
IP54 (motor protection)
2 moulding plates included
Easy to clean
Low maintenance