Dough Divider Rounder, Automatic, 30 div.

The Optimat dough divider-rounder is known worldwide for its excellent quality and working method. It treats all kinds of dough, even sticky, soft or well-fermented dough, with gentle and utmost care. The sensitivity origins from the hydraulic DAS system and with this, the Optimat adjusts independently to doughs of all types and consistencies. Moulding procedure and the movement of the dividing disk are synchronised, so the dough pieces have the ideal moulding space available during the operation. A further advantage of the hydraulic working method is its reliability and safety. The hydraulic is maintenance-free.

The ergonomically convenient One-Hand- Security-Operating is the successful combination of simple handling plus a quick, but at the same time also safe, working method. You enter the moulding plate with its portion of dough – which you do not have to flatten very much – into the machine. Raise the visor for a moment – and the unit starts working on its own, safe and without further work from your side. When the operations are finished the screen opens automatically, and you can take out the moulding plate with the divided and moulded dough pieces on it.

Without tools, the top cover can quickly be removed, so that the rust-free light-metal dividing head is easily accessible for cleaning. The stainless steel dividing knife and the retaining ring can also be removed for cleaning.

Simple, quick and safe to operate
IP 54 (motor protection)
3 moulding plates included