Spiral Dough Mixer, 184L, 120 kg

The large curved stainless steel spiral with its special square profile grants you
important advantages. The ingredients of your dough are gently handled
and are less squeezed between spiral and bowl (minimal warming of the dough). The MAXIMAT square-spiral mixing technology kneads all kinds of dough from the smallest to the largest amount optimally. The result: Easy to process dough of the best quality and working consistency
The SPS-kneading automatic with a continuous temperature reading of the dough is easy to operate. It controls the kneading process by time or temperature, thus helping to obtain constant, optimal dough.
By the ergonomically optimized high bowl position, the dough can be taken out conveniently. Cleaning of bowl and spiral become much easier.
The transparent bowl cover is ergonomically advantageous as it is possible to watch the kneading process.

Advanced Technology
Automatic Operation
Rigid Construction
Painted Housing
Stainless Steel Bowl and Mixing Spiral
Two Motors
With Safety Devices
Four Space Saving Floor Models
Easy to Maintain and Clean