Thawing Cabinet, 1100L

LMG’s thawing cabinet offers a safe way to defrost food while preserving the flavour and consistency. Time is of the essence to prevent bacterial growth, particularly in perishable food. Thawing on a bench or in hot water can take more than four hours, while perishable food should not be in room temperature for more than two. The controlled process in the thawing cabinet ensures a practical and hygienic way to defrost and prevent bacteria from growing.

An electronic control switches automatically from thawing into preservation to avoid bacterial growth. This procedure makes sure the food never exceeds 3°C during the entire process and maintains the quality in the food to be as close to fresh as possible.

The unit is made for heavy-duty use onboard and is the perfect choice for Cruise- & Offshore Galleys. The cabinet is in AISI304 and the boiler in AISI316 (to avoid problems during the thawing process and the sanitizing cycle). An automated descaling system also ensures a long life span of the boiler.

For heavy-duty use on board
IP 44
Thawing capacity of 200 kg per cycle
Retractable hand shower easy accessible in front
Food probe
All components are installed on runners for easy access from the front
Full glass door for easy monitoring of the thawing process
Powerful fan to ensure a quick and uniform thawing process
Equipped with Easy-to-Navigate durable 7” touch display