Tumble Dryer 7kg

This tumble dryer is a semi-professional vented dryer made for reliable long durability drying of laundry on board. The inner drum, outer drum, front and top are in stainless steel.

The dryer has an LCD-display with a time remaining indication, and you can choose from 17 different drying programs.

The model features the Non-stop Butterfly Drying™ which tumble the laundry in a figure of an eight. Other dryers use a “reversing” drying process, which means the dryer continually changes direction. Butterfly drying is gently, non-stop and in only one direction, without the clothes bundling. This feature saves both the belt and the motor, providing better durability.

The unique Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required. Interaction between temperature sensors makes the drying result more even and more reliable than a conventional type of sensor (which gauges electrical resistance). When you choose Auto dry, you can decide just how dry you want the load to be simply by selecting the appropriate program. After that, our unique Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required. The program automatically stops when the clothes are dry.

The tumble dryer is fitted with extra reliable and quiet brushless motors. No brushes mean one part less that can break. Robust brushless induction motor with one-way operation leads to longer lifetime, lower noise and faster drying.

17 drying programs
Door diameter 34 cm
Time remaining indicator
Reversible door opening
Non-stop Butterfly Drying™ – no bundling of clothes
Sensi Dry™ – no more overdrying