Tumble Dryer, Condenser 6 kg

The TD6-6 Tumble dryer is featuring exceptional savings and easy use with a certified ergonomic design and a human-centred approach for outstanding user experience. Innovative features will save money and time and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

The tumbler has a reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow. A stainless steel drum and easy access to vital parts from the top and rear for simple servicing. Residual Moisture Control ensures an accurate drying result and low energy consumption. The reversing drum improves productivity for less tangling of large items.

The model offers a possibility to monitor your equipment and performance from anywhere, allowing you to take action and to improve your business with OnE Laundry – the personal assistant for hygiene validation management, process management and revenue management.

For optimal performance, the room temperature should not exceed 25° Celcius.

Reversible door
Reversing drum
Residual Moisture Control
Ergonomic design
Optional extra stacking frame for mounting TD6-6 on top of WH6-6