Vacuum Packaging Machine 20m³/h

This table top vacuum packer has a sealing bar of 450 mm and a safety system that protects the machine in case of sealing bar overheat. A digital control panel allows programming and storing of up to 9 operating programs for better vacuum pressure and heat seal times.

To ensure simplicity of use and maximum reliability, electronic board detects electronic malfunctions, colour and level of oil as well as failures in the vacuum packaging process.
“Soft air” device allowing to control the re-admission of air into the chamber.
The model can be equipped with an adapter (available as optional accessory), allowing the vacuum process to take place in external containers or appliances by connecting the outer container’s pipe to the air sucking valve.

Microprocessor automatically controls the exact percentage of negative pressure needed for all the air to be removed.
Warning light to indicate malfunctioning in the vacuum packing process.