Vegetable Cutter

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Main Features

• Suitable for 100-400 meals for table service and up to 800 meals for catering service.
• Vegetable slicer with slicing, grating, shredding (julienne) as well as dicing and French fries cutting capability.
• Ergonomically designed for right and left-handed users, frontal working and to reduce working space around the machine.
• All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools, stainless steel hopper, stainless steel lever and cutting chamber are dishwasher safe.
• Hopper easily removed for cleaning.
• High discharge zone permits the use of deep GN containers (up to 20cm).
• Complete and wide selection of blades and grids available (diam. 205 mm).
• Pulse function for precise cutting.
• Magnetic safety system and motor brake. Prevents machine from running when lever swings away or is open.
• Automatic restart of the machine with the 3/4 moon shaped pusher in position.
• Continuous feed model.
• Base inclined at 20° to provide easy loading and unloading.
• Delivered with: All stainless steel vegetable prep attachment with a lever-integrated long vegetable hopper (55,5mm diameter) and a large round hopper (215cm²)