Washer-Extractor, 6 kg, Auto Detergent Dosing

The WH6-6 washer-extractor has a certified ergonomic design with a human-centred approach for outstanding user experience. Compass Pro® microprocessor offers a large display and one control knob for easy program and language selection, as well as quick choice and option buttons for the most frequently used wash programs. Four compartment detergent box for flexibility of manual dosing of powder or liquid detergent. Professional door with gasket and sturdy hinges built for heavy-duty operation, hygiene and long-term savings.

The washer has programs optimised for the lowest water, energy and detergent consumption. Automatic Savings weighs the linen and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen, saving water and energy at less than full load.
Monitoring of the status of the equipment and performance from anywhere, allowing to take action to improve the business. Connectable to OnE Laundry, the personal assistant for hygiene validation, process management and revenue management.

The Line 6000 series are the first washer/dryers to receive certification in ergonomic design
Silver grey powder painted galvanised steel exterior
Compass Pro® microprocessor
4 compartment detergent box
Heavy-duty operation door
High extraction force
Automatic savings of water and energy
Power balance
Connectable to “OnE Laundry”
Manual and automatic dosing (5 liquid signals) and extra I/O board