Washer-Extractor 8 kg

WN6 Electrolux washer-extractors has a certified ergonomic design with a human-centred approach for outstanding user experience. The washers are made with long term savings in mind and with very low water and energy consumption.

Compass Pro® microprocessor offers a large display and one control knob for easy program and language selection. There are also quick choice and option buttons for the most frequently used wash programs.

The normal spin washers have a high extraction force of 130G for efficient dewatering. They also have a Super Balance function that guarantees the correct extraction force is used to maximize water extraction, minimize vibration and lower maintenance and energy costs.

Washers are connectable to OnE Laundry, the personal assistant for hygiene validation, process management and revenue management. It’s also possible to monitor the equipment and performance status from anywhere, allowing to take action to improve the business.

Global Advanced Hygiene program package with proven log 6 reduction disinfection of textiles through the laundry process, fulfilling the criteria of all locally approved standards.

The Line 6000 series are the first washer/dryers to receive certification in ergonomic design
Compass Pro® control system
Super Balance function – optimized spin
Extraction force 130G