Washer-Extractor 7kg, 1600 rpm

Professional washer-extractor made for reliable washing on board. The washer has 17 washing programs; the shortest takes 40 min to complete. It has a max spin speed of 1600 rpm, and an unbalance detection that protects the washer against harmful vibrations.

The model has Quattro Construction™ – which means a vibration-free spinning. The outer drum rests on four strong shock absorbers firmly attached to the steel bottom plate. The entire construction is located inside the machine and spinning at high spin speed can be done virtually free of vibrations. The Quattro Construction™ system is exceptionally durable and prolongs the lifetime of the entire device.

Active Drum™ is tough on dirt and gentle on fabrics. Hourglass-shaped removable lifters guide the load to the drum’s gentle central area and effectively remove large debris, such as dirt and gravel, pushing them to the larger holes at the edge of the drum. This design is ideal when washing mops, for instance, which often contain a lot of sand or smaller stones.

Smart Seal™ door ensures a more hygienic wash by eliminating rubber door seals that risk degrading over time, trapping dirt and grime.

This model can be connected to hot and cold water.

17 washing programs
Max spin speed 1600 rpm
Smart Seal™ – eliminating rubber door seals
Quattro Construction™ – vibration-free spinning
Anti Block™ – self-cleaning drain pump
Active Drum™ – for a careful yet effective wash cycle
Unbalance detection
Door diameter of 31 cm