Washer-Extractor 28 kg

Priority on people

Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience Compass Pro® microprocessor offers:
• Easy program selection
• Language selection
• Quick selection and option buttons for the most frequently used wash programs and options
• Wash program packages optimized on Economy, Performance and Time

Long-term savings

Extremely low water and energy consumption
• High extraction force for efficient dewatering
• Super Balance guarantees the correct extraction force

Pure control

Monitoring of the status of the equipment and performance from anywhere, allowing to take action to improve the business
• Washers connectable to OnE Laundry, the personal assistant for hygiene validation, process management and revenue management

Global Advanced Hygiene

Global Advanced Hygiene program package* with proven log 6 reduction** disinfection of textiles through the laundry process, fulfilling the criteria of all local approved standards

Main options

• Automatic liquid detergent supply (optional I/O board)
• Connection to booking- /payment- system or coin meter