Freezer, 670L with Glass Door

Main Features

• Right hinged glass door.
• Digital control with cabinet temperature display and setting, manual activation of defrost cycle and internal light switch. Fully compliant HACCP digital controls include visible alarms.
• Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN grids or shelves on anti-tilt runners.
• Optimized back to front forced air flow provide even temperature distribution and fast cooling in any conditions.
• Automatic defrost.
• Internal structure with numerous charging positions available to host grids, ensuring higher net capacity and a greater storage space.
• Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of +32°C.
• Adjustable temperature range from -15°C to -20°C to suit all storage requirements.
• Cabinet fitted with up to 75 mm thickness of cyclopentane insulation for best insulating performance with 100% environmental protection
(thermal conductivity: 0,020 W/m*K).
• Removable triple-chamber balloon magnetic gasket to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption and ease of cleaning.
• Automatic evaporation of the defrosting water by hot gas on the top for energy saving.
• 60 mm-thick insulation covering the evaporator can be easily removed with a single operation.
• Rilsan coated grids for improved protection.
• Hidden evaporator thus guaranteeing higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems.
• Mounted on adjustable stainless steel legs.
• Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and data monitoring (requires optional accessory).