Wok Top, Induction Single Plate

Induction cookers are small appliances with one heating zone that could be set up on the table during meals. They also serve as additional appliances in the kitchen and are particularly well-suited for boiling, frying, braising, heating and cooking a wide range of dishes.
The appliances are portable and connected with an electric wire to a nearby socket.
The heating zone consists of a glass ceramic plate, or a bowl respectively, which is fitted firmly and without joints into the stainless steel case.
The even glass ceramic plate has pots and pans with even bottoms placed on it. The appliance with a bowl is to hold a wok pan. The wok pan is a part of the delivery.
To secure optimal cooking results, the shape and material of the wok pan must fit the concerned induction cooker.

Induction heating
Stainless steel
High performance
Ideal for exotic foods
Perfect for show cooking in front of the guests
Clean pleasant work without heat emission
Energy saving