A small Marine Glasswasher for racks with dimension of 400×400 mm. It has stainless steel front and side panels, wash tank, tank filter and wash and rinse arms. Solid double skinned counter-balance door with hurt-free handle fully in stainless steel.
The built-in pressure boiler designed to raise incoming water to a guaranteed minimum temperature of 82°C for sanitizing rinse. No external boiler is required.
Washing system has rotating washing arms from both top and bottom, high powered wash pump and large capacity wash tank to guarantee professional washing. Electronic control panel for easy setup of the working parameters and self diagnosis.
Easy service access to main components without moving the unit.
Extra program to cold rinse beer and wine glasses providing sanitized glasses, cool enough to handle.
Equipped with water softener to ensure optimal rinsing results.
Built in rinse booster pump allows to connect to low water pressure.
Incorporated Soft Start feature to offer additional protection to more delicate items.
120/300/120 seconds cycle, the third cycle includes cold rinse.

For racks with the dimension of 400×400 mm.
Maximum capacity of 30 racks per hour.
With drain pump.
Electronic control panel.