Undercounter Dishwasher, USPH, 40 racks/h

The new generation green&clean undercounter dishwashers are modern solutions designed for bars, cafès and small restaurants onboard. They are dedicated to customers that highly consider design and savings without compromising performance.

The dishwasher features low consumption in energy, water, detergent and rinse aid and the fully insulated double skin construction means less heat emission. The models excellent washing and rinsing performance are obtained by the double upper and lower washing and rinsing arms. The machines Wash-Safe Control function guarantees a hygienic result with a constant nominal rinsing temperature of 84°C. A fully automatic self-cleaning cycle avoids the risk of bacteria proliferation.

The machine is easy to use and keep constant monitoring, thanks to the visible temperature display. The display allows on-site personalization of washing and rinsing cycle times and temperatures and precise rinse aid and detergent quantities to suit your needs.

The unit has a safe and ergonomic counter-balanced door for soft opening and closing. There is no need to move the machine to perform maintenance thanks to the removable front panel.

Atmospheric boiler
Rinse water consumption only 2,5 litres/cycle
Soft Start feature to offer additional protection to delicate items
Double skinned insulated
Low noise level
Simple service from the front
IPX4 water protection
Pre-arrangement for HACCP