Rice Cooker (SFRC-108F)

These electric automatic rice cookers with cooking capacity of 3 – 22.5 kgs are powerful and full-featured cookers designed and built for commercial use. The cooker has an exterior of stainless steel sheet, completely insulated with 25 mm thick glass-wool. The interior is made of aluminum- plated steel. The door is insulated with 25 mm thick glass-wool and provided with a heat resistant handle.

The cooker with highly efficient, powerful element is equipped with a thermistor. The thermistor uses steam-catching method to sense the preset temperature of steam coming from the pan and automatically turns the heater of instantly. A cooking adjusting switch provides fine condition adjustment to cooking to obtain rice of the desired quality. A buzzer sounds after 15 minutes of steaming, at the end of the cooking cycle, indicate that the rice is ready to eat. The cooker is equipped with a drawer type rice pan which can be pulled out smoothly without having to put one’s hand into the hot area. A round aluminum-finish rice pan complete with lid is delivered with each deck of the cooker.

Stainless Steel Exterior
Fast and Reliable
Rice Settling Indication
Precise Steam Temperature Control
Functional Safety Drawer
Three Sizes
Easy to Maintain